Thursday, November 13, 2014

Connection to me through class work!

     So far, this class has taught me LOTS of new information and has been very relatable for me. Up to this point in the year, I've obtained information from all of the topics we've gone over. The engineering challenges have taught me that thinking things over and making plans ahead of time is COMPLETELY NECESSARY! They required basic knowledge of engineering and structural design. I don't remember much from the life science concepts, but I remember that fossils give scientists evidence of evolution in all sorts of species. When learning about Earth's history, I learned about the different sorts of age dating with rocks(relative, absolute, et cetera!). A final topic that we've learned about was the dramatically changing planet that we live on! This topic taught me that since the birth of our planet and the time of Pangea, Earth has become something like dough, where it has become a large variation of appearances and had wide variety of inhabitants!
     Throughout all of those topics that I spoke of in the previous paragraph, I have not been bored with any of them. Each of the categories have had some sort of interest spark, whether it be because of an idea for a career or the curiosity of my mind taking control. That being said can probably give a clue towards what the next paragraph will be about, right? 
     All of the topics that we covered in this class have been of high interest to me, especially the engineering challenges. I suppose that'd be due to the fact that I have always thought it'd be neat to become an engineer! The challenges helped me learn new skills when working with others. Negotiating is an important skill. Exchanging ideas and finding a combination for two people's ideas helps greatly! This area of what we have learned has put more definition into my love for building and creating, and may lead me to a career in engineering.  Though, really, any area of science would be wonderful to work in! 

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  1. Claire,

    I love this quote, "The engineering challenges have taught me that thinking things over and making plans ahead of time is COMPLETELY NECESSARY!" The engineering challenges are great for showing us how to work more effectively in teams. I think that you will love the next challenge. It will require you to save an entire Lego village from disaster!