Thursday, August 21, 2014

Science Since Fifth Grade

After fifth grade passed, science got quite a bit different, but it continued to be exciting and teach me lots of new information. In sixth grade with Mr. Kastor, we did many fun projects and exciting units. One project that we did was the cell project, where we had to create a diagram, 3D model, or creation of any sort that listed and modeled the parts of the cell. An activity we did with Mr. Kastor was with observing tissue from his cheek through a microscope. In seventh grade with Mrs. James, we had a science fair, where we were allowed to choose any topic of science to work under. I chose to work under chemical combinations, and I was successful. It was a very interesting project!


  1. I remember your paper-mâché cell from 6th grade, and it looked fantastic! I also remember that you got a 100% on your science fair project! I can guarantee that you're going to be very successful this year. ^^

  2. I enjoyed your paragraph about science throughout the years. I liked how you went into detail with the cell project and how you talked about the science fair project. You made me like the projects more than I did.